D-Day is drawing nearer Megapay landing tomorrow by 6pm

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    Are you unemployed, a student, working class or a business man/woman looking for ways to earn extra cash from the comfort of your home. This is an opportunity to participate in our online peer to peer donation platform
    Megapay offers 100% of your investment in 0-2days with a strong recommitment policy.

    ♦️Email verification
    ♦️100% in 0-2days
    ♦️ 5k-10k and 10k-20k package so anyone can participate.
    ♦️12hours payment window
    ♦️No activation fee
    ♦️Responsive system
    ♦️Live chat
    ♦️Customer service always on standby
    ♦️Automatic rematch
    ♦️Blocking of defaulters
    ♦️Secured server
    No referral before earning
    But you can refer to earn bonus.
    ✅✅♨️♨️1k paid to any guider that refers and the referral pH

    Guider package is 15k-30k

    Note:To be a guider you must register with guider package..and you get instant payment of 1k for every member you invite and he/she is active in ph

    Note: link will be available soon

    Join our telegram group for more information and updates✅✅✅✅✅✅https://t.me/joinchat/JHtMoxXP9O2MXkRfK8KCtw

    Launching 28th June by 6pm and merging starts 8am on June 29th

    Welcomed once again to megapay..unit.. launching on 28th with great features
    ✅ megapay operates merging 3 times daily
    ♨️no rushing
    ♨️ system runs step by step to offer good and reliable service
    ♨️pH and gh are done accordingly
    ✅no pm to pay outside your dashboards
    ✅call your phers and ghers to fasten the system
    ✅after full payment recommit to any package of your choice again
    ✅ compulsory testimony and uploading of dashboards either to pH or gh
    ✅but cover the person identity before uploading to avoid scam
    ✅no complaints if any just pm any admins or seek their attention..
    ✅ upload of pop in group is allowed..
    ✅invite friends and do well to post on others social media
    ✅ rewards for hardwork is paid instant cash by the administrator
    ✅if you are yet to pH kindly be patience it will get to you…don’t rush the admins.

    Note: interested to be a guider pm or indicate..👆👆

    To be a guider you must sign up in the guider package and must be ready to add and invite members..each member you invite and he/she pH you get instant 1k
    ♨️♨️♨️♨️ imagine inviting 20members you get 20k apart from your normal pH and gh
    ✅ Together in unity and love.. together we grow and earn with smiles…
    ✅do away with fears …
    You may run to platform with 10k members on telegram but they last only 1day..why because they base on telegram
    📣📣but megapay is on all social media..our promoters are doing well in forums and social media..
    ✅✅reports reaching is that people are longing for the link..for registration..
    Note:not only the numbers of members here that are or will be the participants…✅once the link is out registration will be done everywhere…and link will go viral.
    💃💃💃💃come 28th and 29th our phone will be ringing with bank alerts.. testimonies will flow every..
    ✅don’t say why did I delay to join..the door is open now …get ready for the best of best megapay launching on 28th June by 6pm don’t miss out.. meanwhile tomorrow the group will be filled with happiness because games and free airtime will be available…thanks and remain bless

    Link for registration will be out on or before the launch day

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