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    If you Live in Nigeria I am sure you will be familiar with Nairaland the Top and foremost Forum Nigerians discuss every issues of Life happening in the country and outside. is looking at how Nairaland as grown beyond what it use to be 5years ago and now there are so many workers and sponsors that are backing it up for further growth and success, also there as been inventory of many progress ideas like the ‘Nairaland ADs” and some others that are taking place at the back end.

    If we are to be sincere with ourselves, Nairaland is not just a Nigeria Forum but its a forum at a National Level representing the Nation both home and abroad and the success of the Forum can not be fully discussed without making reference to the Big Brain behind it in the Person of ‘SEUN OSEWA”.

    So many local and international business ventures , small and medium scales now have a good place to advertise their local products to a targeted audience due to the growth Nairaland as experienced over the year.

    Who is Seun Osewa?

    Seun Osewa those days starting Up.
    Seun is the founder of the Top Nigeroa Forum – – Full name : Oluwaseun Osewa.

    He was born in Sango Ota in Ogun State Nigeria.

    Date of Birth : 17th July 1982.

    Occuptaon: Webmaster, Business man.

    Early Life and Career : Seun grew up with his parent and he takes more interest in the technology field. He as been interested in Internet Business since he started using the web and knows how it all works around the Internet.

    Young Seun Osewa.

    Seun enrolled as a student in the University of Ile-Ife to study electrical engineering, but along the line; he quit to pursue his dream in the internet world.

    Note: He wasn’t rusticated! Too brilliant to be

    He found his direction and path in life and he choose to be focus and consider academics and some other public and official busy-ness a distraction top the fulfillment of his goals and dreams in Life.

    He started out on the internet gradually in year 2000 and he is more established and recognised in 2013.

    Starting out on the web wasn’t easy for him based on the fact that internet wasn’t well grounded then like it is in our days, he suffered so many discouragement around him and lack of sufficient fund was one of his greatest obstacle.

    Seun started with Web Hosting Business and with the lucrativeness of the business he started a supposed web hosting company but after 3months, he was only able to attract one customer!

    how ridiculous! He ran out of capital and the hosting company die down.

    After the successful failure in the web hosting business, he was advised by his people to go back to school, get a certificate and start up the normal Life Job stuffs!

    But as a ambitious and determined entrepreneur he refused and decide to key into what he believes and make his dream come true with what he already had upstairs.

    In course of getting over the failed business he decides to give SMS business a shot! which he implemented with python, after a while he eventually started Web Forum Online Community.

    Fortunately, he had secured an internet access and a $15 monthly deal which was preciously offered as an assistance for his career by a family member.

    Seun created 3 Forums in the year 2003 “one for I.T Discussion, the 2nd for higher institution students, and the 3rd for the emerging GSM Industry in the country @

    The Mobilenigeria took off and was relaunched in february 2005 by the help of Mr John Sagai Adams who was active on the forum and was part of successor in those early days.

    Some other tech guys like Mr Yomi Adegboye pitched it and in less than 40days the forum had 300members however, seun wasn’t satisfied by this number of forum memebers.

    After growing the Forum MobileNigeria, he decided to start which is widely known and used by millionaires of Nigerians.

    What brought about nairaland is this; he noticed the section on “MobileNigeria” that focus on other aspect of Life like Romance, relationship, news and the likes are becoming more engaging than the Technology and mobile section and as at the time of running this forum Google Adsense is the major Monetization medium for Seun Osewa so he felt if he should focus more on interesting topics that interest Nigerians and keep them inform, he can attract more Traffic and make more money from the Forum.

    This is what brought about the creation of Nairaland today, and if we are to take a close look at Nairaland today, we can still see that the breaking news and trends for Nigerians are still the major factor that keep the forum active and growing till date.

    Even though seun is no more displaying adsense, he has his own monetization called ‘Nairaland Ads” where local businesses advertise their brands on the Forum.

    Seun’s initial plan was to be making at least 60,000 monthly from Nairaland but today it as turned out to a lifestyle earning for hm and he is making more than he ever thought he can make, Google adsense paid him off so much until 2012 when google disabled his forum from displaying adsense due to the fact that he had too many sexual explicit contents showing over there “posted by the users of the forum”.

    However this as lead to the creation of Nairaland Ads which is making seun even much more than adsense earning today.

    The growth of the forum as been superb however, seun had trouble with spammers and this as lead to the employment of helping hands ‘moderators” of the forum and that s why the frontpage “which gains much view” is well moderated by admins.

    As at the time of writing this article, Seun Osewa’s forum (NAIRALAND) is the most visited forum in Africa making it a very rewarding accomplishment in his lifestyle and am sure today he never regrets not having a certificate.

    Awards and Promotions : in 2013, Seun entered Forbes List of Best African Most Successful Entrepreneurs under the age of 30. This award got him more recognition and respect among other africa webmasters, making his sacrifices extremely rewarding.

    In 2011, seun was approached by a group of company who wants to buy nairaland for $1 million which is sum around #155million then, Seun turned down the offer, nairaland total worth by a site-ranker in 2011 was “#512Million” which makes it the most expensive website in Africa_by this time seun is already getting good rewards for his sleepless night.

    Despite all this acheivement seun as never loss hs mind and he as never seen himself too big neither as he taken time to live the extra-vagant lifestyle, the little geek as keep hmself silently enjoyng his dream come true at his home town in Sango Ota.

    He as never felt on top of the world or post anything like his monthly earning that can predispose him to hazard offline and online. Today there are more than half a million people who looks up to Seun Osewa to make a Living, despite seun s never seen himself as anything bigger than normal.

    There was a time he was listed among the ‘Nigeria 100 Best’ Lists and this gave him the opportunity to dine with great minds and celebrities at aso rock in abuja but it was amazing to know that Seun never attended this summit.

    It’s just his way of Life, he had a normal up bringing and his success is a product of hard work and consistency + the help of God and he admits it.

    I can liken seun’s success to that of Mark Zukerberg the founder of Facebook Inc. As these two geek shares a lot of similarities together.

    Nairaland Net Worth : Nairaland is considered to be worth – $8,737,200.00 which makes #2,621,160,000.00 in Nigera Currency.

    So How Did He Hit The Nairaland Jackpot?

    How did this young man, who was just around 22-23 years then, think of starting a forum that will later become Africa’s numero uno? Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth:

    “About 2 years earlier (2003) I had attempted to start a web hosting business, but after 3 months I could only boast of one customer, so I ran out of capital and the business died. It would probably have succeeded if I had managed my capital more wisely or raised more money as I got many hosting requests I couldn’t satisfy later that year.
    After that first failure, I was encouraged to get certifications and a regular job, but I couldn’t go back to that kind of path after tasting creative freedom, so I kept researching business ideas and presenting them to friends and family, but no capital was forthcoming to carry any of them out. I did this for less than 2 years. (The last idea was a site for sending SMS messages. I picked up Python to implement it.)

    Eventually, I decided to start a web forum, because it was the only idea that required no additional capital: I already had Internet access and a $15 per month VPS graciously paid for by a family friend. I created 3 forums in November 2003 (one for higher institution students, one for IT discussions, and one to cover the emerging GSM industry; the Mobile Nigeria Forum at

    The Mobile Nigeria Forum took off, so I relaunched it in February 2005 with the assistance of Mr. John Sagai Adams, who posted a link to the forum on his mailing list and participated enthusiastically in those early days. Other mobile enthusiasts like Mr. Yomi Adegboye pitched in to make the site a success. In a month or so, the forum had about 300 members, but the growth potential didn’t satisfy me.

    I decided to start Nairaland when I noticed two odd things about MobileNigeria:
    (1) Despite its narrow focus, it was the only Nigerian community that gave a voice to Nigerians at home. Most other Nigerian sites were owned and dominated by Nigerians in the US or UK. They covered only issues of interests to Nigerians abroad.

    (2) The off topic section of the forum, covering topics outside telecoms, like romance and jokes, was becoming more vibrant than the Mobile Nigeria Forum itself, suggesting the need for a more general-purpose Nigerian forum.

    This gave me the confidence to take forums like Naijaryders and Talknaija head on by starting a general purpose discussion forum with a strong bias towards issues of interest to Nigerians at home. I felt that such a site could attract enough traffic to make enough money from Google adverts. That’s why I started the Nairaland Forum.” (CP-AFRICA.COM)

    2005: What’s With That Year?

    Did I just see Seun say he started Nairaland in 2005? I am still searching for answer to why the most successful online ventures around today started between 2004-2006. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Mashable, Techcrunch, Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, and other Kings and Queens of the Social Media space started during this period. Why? Okay, Jarushub, the heir apparent, started in 2013.

    seun osewa3

    Highly reclusive Seun will rather be found in his buba and fila than trendy jeans in Social events

    Seun The Contrarian Celebrity
    Fame, power, money we all love and seek to have. But as someone that knows Seun quite well -even if not physically yet, and may never – the guy just doesn’t appear to like the celebrity status. Some people use money to buy fame, Seun uses money to run away from it! I know people that will pay to meet Seun Osewa in person, but he has refused to show himself. With the largest African online forum under his control, more than half a million people that depend on his online website to make their day, Seun can easily wield power. But all those appear not to be his style. A case in point: when he was listed by the organizers of The Future Awards in the controversial “Nigeria’s 100 Best” list, which presented him with an opportunity to dine with the celebrities in Aso Rock (what some people will pay millions to get), it didn’t even freak the Ota-based geek. Rather, he sarcastically commented on my Facebook wall when I raised a criticism of the TFA list that, “oh, it’s a good list because I saw my name there”. Oh, he only saw his name there, he didn’t partake in anything – a free ticket to visit Aso rock. Such is Seun’s abhorrence for fame. Close as I am to him, he has postponed my interview request for more than five times since May 2013. He is still on my radar, whether he likes it or not (lol). So anti-social is Seun that the car he drives is not even in public domain, while some small bloggers and online entrepreneurs flaunt their cars and house around.

    Chop ma money…a happy Seun probably after viewing his monthly bank statement and the millions

    Some Trends On Nairaland About Seun

    Seun, couple of years ago, dumped google adsense and other third party adverts for direct advert on his website and I sense his income must have tripled, given the gale of customers he has.
    Seun also recently opened physical office for Nairaland, predictably, in his Ota enclave
    Seun’s Nairaland is now an employer of labour, with at least 3 people on his payroll. I think he should have more.

    Top Brands That Advertise On Nairaland

    Blackberry official
    First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
    Grace Schools
    Alomo Bitters etc…

    Seun’s Management Style

    I volunteered as a moderator for Seun’s Nairaland for more than three years. I moderated the Muslim section for three years and politics section for two and half years, so I have a fair idea of Seun’s management style.
    Seun started as an autocratic leader, especially when he was still naive in the early days of Nairaland, but later outgrew this naivety and democratized his management style to a reasonable extent
    I still think he has more to do on the management of this forum that is the most successful online forum in Nigeria. Nairaland needs more formalization.
    With the setting up of a physical office, I think he is already thinking along this line, but he needs to do fast.

    Seun’s Philanthropy
    He may not be a billionaire yet, and can’t afford to give much to charity like the Mark Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates of this world, but he does appear to recognize empowerment. He has organized some entrepreneurship competitions on Nairaland, and given out more than N500,000 in prizes to winners. He has also promoted and given exposure to some upcoming Nigerian internet entrepreneurs and designers.

    What You Can Learn From Seun’s Story

    Persistence – Seun laid his hands on several online endeavours but were not successful, but he continued trying many things until Nairaland became a success.
    Promote others – I recently started a discussion on Nairaland on online ventures that were started on Nairaland or which Nairaland contributed to their success. Even this Jarushub is a product of Nairaland as the brand Jarus started from Nairaland. He has also promoted some budding web designers that advertisers patronize for banner production.
    Learn from others: Seun’s Nairaland has been Nigeria’s biggest forum for many years but he caught the bug of direct advertisement late, when some even less visited blogs have started raking in millions from direct ad sales. Well, Seun came to the game late, but he is assuming market leadership even in this opportunity now.

    Seun the geek…Lagos my foot, making money under the tree in Ota

    Where Seun Needs To Work More?

    Social face – Well, I’m not too sure this is exactly a negative, because I don’t think we are all cut out for socializing. But I observe that even less successful Nigerian internet entrepreneurs get all the accolades. Well, while some others are busy flaunting their cars, Seun is busy counting his millions in Ota. However, I think showing up in such events once in while – even if it’s just once or twice a year – is not out of place. Someone even recommended me, as one of the most popular faces of Nairaland, to him (without my knowledge until much later) to represent him in public events. I guess the person is familiar with the rising Jarus brand (I once attended an event and camera-phone paparazzi were following me around, and attendees wanting to snap pictures with the “Great Jarus of Nairaland” Imagine if it was Seun).
    Corporate face – While I reason with Seun that attending social events and announcing his arrival in the big boys club is a distraction, I think a corporate face is a necessity. Forget about the fact that not having one already, he still makes millions per month and who cares if he needs one, but the truth is, if not for anything, formalization connotes more seriousness. It also promotes personal branding. This is why I respect the Jobberman guys, with their branded cars and all that. I think Nairaland needs a well-known office, better organizational set-up with Managers, and an official account, not Seun Osewa’s account. It is an investment worth trying.

    These are the products of seun’s seriousness and hardwork of many years it wasn’t acheived by magic!

    Even till last 2014 Nairaland still experience attack by some hackers who did the havoc via the host company and that was when i knew there are some great sponsors and backbones for nairaland.

    Writer’s view : The road to success is not easy but that doesn’t make success an impossibility in Life. Seun’s consistency and unconpromising mind as taken him to where he is today, and this is a good reason top make anybody believe money can be made legitimately on the internet even in today’s world where many opportunities of making money on the internet abounds.

    If you have a dream be strong at it and surely with time it will come through, you too can start your own forum today and make money like Nairaland as there are many media of promoting it and making it grow faster than it took seun.

    Thanks For Reading and Kindly Leave a post below:

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